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More Vehicle Services and Repairs

We can offer you help and support in more services

We will either carry out or refer you to the trusted partners for conducting the required vehicle services for your cars, trucks and SUV’s.

Give us a call at 780-450-4500 today.

More car services Suzuki of Edmonton

Financing of costly repairs

We know life happens! We all need urgent vehicle repairs sometimes! Shortfall of money at that time should not be a reason to choose an unsafe ride or drive a risky vehicle.

We have in-house arrangement of financing your costly vehicle repairs. We can let you know in 5 minutes and you can decide further.

Broken windshield or glass window

Your car/truck/SUV has a broken windshield or any other glass? It can be an issue in certain cases. We will refer you to our trusted, well established partners. They are serving Edmonton for years and years now.

Body work

Damaged or scratched vehicle’s body? We will help you access body damage of your vehicle and refer you to our best business partners who know their job very well.

Need something else done in your vehicle! We probably do it here. Give us a call at 780-450-4500 to find out!