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Vehicle Repair Services

Vehicle Repair Services

All vehicles breakdown sometimes. No matter how good the maintenance services are, breakdown can be due to external factors such as weather, accidents, object hits, vandalism etc.Contact us all any and all sort of vehicle repair services.

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A few of the signals that your car can give about the repair needs are:

Engine check light

Engine check light is an early warning and if it is taken care in time; it is designed to avoid any major repair. We suggest not to ignore or reset it without cerified examination.

Vehicle not starting

If a vehicle is not starting and there is no sound of alternator trying, it can be as simple as battery or other electronic issues.

Metal scrubbing sound from tires

Breaks might need inspection. If your stop time has increased after you apply the brakes, get them checked faster. If brakes are ok, check tires.

Fluid leaks

If you observe any fluid leaking or your car is consuming any fluid more than normal, it is time to get checked.

Smoke – visual or smell

Smoke – visual or smell; both are not a good sign and suggest immediate checkup of the car.

Unusual vibrations

If you feel that your ride has suddenly increased vibrations and are not going away, it is better to check as your gut feeling may be right and you will avoid costly repair by a timely check and repair.

Sound when opening and closing the doors

If all doors are are making a hard to go away sound at opening and closing, get them checked.

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