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Vehicle service

Vehicle Service

Servicing your cars, trucks and SUV’s in Edmonton

Our vehicles are machines! Actually the good ones! We are highly dependent on them for our daily commutes. Due to their daily use, we need to maintain them in a reliable state.Our job as a certified mechanic shop is to check your vehicle, service them and ensure you that reliability.

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Best time to service

All vehicle manufacturers have their guidelines about the mileage and services to be carried out after the certain mileage. Best time to carryout a vehicle service is as per those guidelines.


We conduct tire changing, wheel balancing, tire rotation, rim changes, tire repair and all other tire related services.

Transmission and suspension service

We carry our transmission and suspension service as suggested by manufactures.

Battery service

Batter died or need a boost in shop? We are glad to help!

Engine service

You can call us for plugs, coils, oil usage, starter mechanism, charging and alternator, fuel pump and any other direct or indirect engine service that your vehicle may need.

Electrical , electronics and computer dependent components

We take care of self start mechanism, exterior and interior lights, signals, electronic mirrors, honk (barely needed!), stereo systems, remote starter troubleshooting and service, door lights, and other electrical components.


We help you attain state of the art BG® guarantees under some service selections. Don’t miss to talk about these with your service rep.

Call us at 780-450-4500 in business hours or send an email or book an appointment.